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We'd like to start with saying that we wouldn't get this project work if not the support of the Open Society Institute - one of the cherishing funds of George Sorus in Russia. Within the programs "Culture" and "Internet" the Fund has financed a big deal of projects. Due to this support the information content of Russian computer nets has been considerably expanded. There appeared Internet centres in some towns, created dozens of new Web sites. One of them emerged in Chelyabinsk at the beginning of 2000.

Open Society Institute


One of the most important goals of the project "Virtual Gallery: The South Ural. Chelyabinsk" is to present through the Internet the collections of the oldest in the South Ural art museum - Chelyabinsk Region Picture Gallery that is having its 60th anniversary. This goal is put due to the question that all the Russian society is trying to answer now: what is Russia, what is Russian culture, what it is going The project is closely connected with the task of building the new information space in the country, integrating Russia into the world Internet society.

Nowadays most Russian museums, including Chelyabinsk Picture Gallery, keep their collections in overloaded rooms that make the access to them difficult for researching and visiting. The Chelyabinsk Picture Gallery has been trying to present this or that collection completely, exhibiting all its items.

The full WWW version of the collection let:

  • see and value the whole collection, analyse and study all its items;
  • give researchers and visitors the possibility to accumulate their impressions about the collection of the museum, its level and value;
  • stimulate publishing researches in special printed and computer versions, arrange and hold conferences devoted to such expositions;
  • people of culture and art living far from Chelyabinsk enjoy the collection virtually;
  • influence in a good way to psychological, moral and spiritual climate of the city;

Two organisations took part in the project: Chelyabinsk Region Picture Gallery and Southern Ural State University. The information about the first participant can be found in the part "About Gallery". The second participant - SUSU, in the person of the Department of WAN technologies has been co-operating with many budget cultural institutions of Chelyabinsk and its region for a long time. The network For Research, Education and Engineering has been working on the basis of the department since 1993. The activity of this organisation consists in highlighting the cultural life of the region, works of Chelyabinsk artists and photographers, musicians and actors. Some information can be seen on the site Chelyabinsk Globe.

We had been working on the project for about a year, as a result the Web-site has been created. Though the project is finished but we are going to add new information to the site.

Finally we would like to thank the Open Society Institute that has helped us to get the project finished.


Dmitry Latukhin
Head of the project

Galina Trifonova