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The Silver age of Russian culture

Having finished its great mission of wakening people's self consciousness and strengthening of the force of spirit, the art choose the harmonic way of its development. And matching the plastic with laws of life structures in creating forms.

Peasant woman at spinning-wheel The village Neskuchnoiye Diana and Akteon

Serebryakova, Zinaida Yevgenievna
Peasant woman at spinning-wheel

Serebryakova, Zinaida Yevgenievna
The village Neskuchnoiye

Serebryakova, Zinaida Yevgenievna
Diana and Akteon. Sketch of the composition.

The Russian Silver age surprisingly connected natural and artistic, it knew ancient rhythms of mythopoetical legends, all the times and all the cultures, the Pagan and the Christian, the people's and the author's, foreseeing ability to look through life as through clear form and see and foresee the deep mystery of life, mystic and sacred sides of other worlds. Russia, the East, and the West were presented in triple unity of spiritual and artistic never seen before. The style of modern, trends of symbolism, impressionism, realism, cubism, futurism neoprimitivism, and abstract trends, all this is the picture of Russia of 20th century. New epoch, Russian, Christian anthropology, the belief in a new changed person were born in all this mixture of intense wills and passions. The Old World went to the past, the birth of the new was violently and barbarously interrupted Through thousands of years we try to rake away the ruins and the ashes of the Russian classical culture and dig out our Pompea, our Russia in its undistorted authenticity and entered the third. Millenium with this newly acquired wealth

The portrait of the composer A.K.Glazunov The portrait of M.Voloshin The portrait of M.V.Dobuzhinsky The portrait of M.O.Levenfeld

Mate, Vasily Vasilyevich
The portrait of the composer A.K.Glazunov

Voitinskaya, Nadezhda Savelievna
The portrait of M.Voloshin

Voitinskaya, Nadezhda Savelievna
The portrait of M.V.Dobuzhinsky

Repin, Ilia Yefimovich
The portrait of M.O.Levenfeld


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