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Историзм в искусстве 70-x - 90-x годов XIX в.

Beginning from the 20s historicism threads on the axis of the 19th century all the variety of styles of the world art, doing it thoroughly, even documentary, copying the original, restoring its real scale, saving ornamental and decorative but changing (diminishing) space proportions.

The admirer with his lady The portrait of a young woman Screen

Makovsky, Konstantin Yegorovich
The admirer with his lady

Braga, Antonio
Italian school
The portrait of a young woman

Screen. The second half of 19th. cm

That's why in the improvised exposition come together copies of composite frescoes of F.Bronnikov and architectural project (the front) of the church in Russian-Gothic style of P.Brullov; the screen, impressing by its proportions, mirror cells and festoons of roses of carved golden wood (the second rococo), the armchair and jardiniere in the same style; Wedgwood china, European cubes made of blue glass in silver ring "neogreek"; painting in the style of "late" Bidermire and sculpture portrait of A.Brag, evoking reminiscences with portrait busts of 18th century; romanticism, having an interest to national European and East cultures - all this mixed variety, sophisticated and surfeited -is that historicism having prepared "world Responsiveness" of the Modern.

At brazier Lovers of cock fighting

Gallego, Alvares Domingo
Spanish school
At brazier

E. Kratke
Austrian school
Lovers of cock fighting cm