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Shining Russia

Golden and Silver Age are two stages of the great synthesis of the East and the West on the basis of the Russian civilised type in the history of Russian culture of classical time.

These star periods in orbit of Russian culture though moving away with each century, but still shine brighter to their posterity.

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The exhibition "Shining Russia" embraces the monuments of Russian artistic culture from the end of 17th to the beginning of 20th century and in accordance with the conception the exhibition also includes monuments of the West European art of 16-19th century.

Exposition was opened for people in halls of Picture Gallery since 17th August to 1st December 1999.

Key centers
* Peasant House. Christian Temple. Slavonic and Christian cosmos. Continuity and identity.
* From Rus to Russia. People's, Christian and European -- the attempt of synthesis.
* Peter The Great term. The beginning of St.Petersburg period of Russian artistic culture. Peter and Holland
* The Golden age of the Russian classical culture. Russia and Europe. Pushkin time. The world of Russian countryseat. Russian art of the middle and the second half of 19th century.
* Russian art of the middle and second half of 19th centery. Fate of Russia and image of the nation. Human and divine matter in individual.
* Historicism -- a short plastic catalogue of artistic styles of the past epochs.
* The Silver age of Russian culture. Symbolism. Impressionism. Sezannism. Cubism. The birth of the Russian advance guard.