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Chelyabinsk Region Picture Gallery
Peasant House. Christian Temple.

Here you will come back to ancient bases of the Russian civilization, reflected in objets-symbols, in two, coming one after another ways of viewing the Universe: Slavonic-mythological and Christian-anthropological where the last doesn't abolish the first but combines with it Magically bewitching, geocentric ideas and things used to protect from evil spirits, supporting the connection of the man and the cosmos, ever-changing generations, the alive thread of the life, its bushy world tree are reflected in the ornament of a clay vessel, in architectural carving of windows and spinning-wheel, in embroidery of the towel and peasant clothes Strict and harmonious Christian cosmos is shown in the temple, icon, and the book.

Spas Vsederzhitel' with selected saints on the ground Mark and Tatiana Field iconostasis

'Spas Vsederzhitel' with selected saints on the ground Mark and Tatiana.
The first half of 19th

Field iconostasis
19th century, eight leaves cm cm


They personify the light of the divine truth. They are the window to the heavenly world where there rein the beauty, sanctity, spiritual purity and perfection, the world of ideal essences.