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J a n u a r y   -   F e b r u a r y
Word and image in the Christian art

The exhibition of old printed and hand written books, forming the basis of Christian believe - Bible, the Gospel, prologues, psalteria, apocrypha, and other genres of Christian literature - from the collection of Chelyabinsk Region Picture Gallery and Chelyabinsk region scientific universal library; the exhibition of Russian icons, devoted to Christian holidays, Godmother and saints. Devoted to the 2000th century of Jesus the Christ, the exhibition through original monuments of old Russian culture of 15-19th centuries, reveals the sense of the Christian idea and its realisation in the word and image of the old Russian culture and the Russian culture of the New time. The goal of the exhibition is to reanimate in the mind and feelings the universal sense of the Christian culture, its actuality and urgency.


F e b r u a r y
Vladimir Mishin. Painting, drawing

It's the first personal exhibition of a mature Chelyabinsk artist in the halls of Chelyabinks Regional Picture Gallery. Apart being an artist Vladimir Mishin is a monumentalist and easel painter, black-and-white artist, sculptor, and teacher. His art reflects typical tendencies of the 1970-90s, it is distinguished by the keen feeling of the shape, modern, ironic and grotesque, polished and restrained. The exhibition reflects mature creative work and skills of the artist. This exhibition is followed by the other in the Exhibition Hall of the Artists' Union.


M a r c h
Presents to the museum. Painting, watercolours of S.I.Petrov

In 1998 30 pieces were presented by the artist to the museum of the city where the artist was born. He has lived most of the time in Bulgaria, motherland of his father. The Picture Gallery is waiting for his countryman, 82 year old artist to take part in the opening of his exhibition - highly emotional spirited painting art of high quality.


T h e   e n d   o f   M a y

The opening of a new, permanent exposition of the art of our country (icon-picture of the 16-20th, devoted to the 60th anniversary of Chelyabinsk Regional Picture Gallery


J u n e   -  S e p t e m b e r

Sculpture of Chelyabinsk
The exhibition from the collection of Chelyabinsk Regional Picture Gallery and studios of artists.

There had been a myth about the leadership of Chelyabinsk in sculpturing for several tens of years. The exhibitions of this genre of art are extremely rare, that can be explained by the nature of the genre. The need to present one of the nicest plastic arts - sculpture, to see its evolution for the 2d part of 20th century is the natural need, realised in the modern artistic environment of Chelyabinsk. The Picture Gallery knows this need and therefore it arranges this big exhibition.