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Chelyabinsk Picture Gallery was opened in 1940 the 6th of June in the building of former church of Alexander Nevsky on Aloye Pole in accordance with the decision of Executive Committee of Chelyabinsk Regional Council. It was named Chelyabinsk State Picture Gallery.

In rooms of the gallery. The 1960th Museum almanac / Revekka Gitlin, Leonid Obolensky, Eugeny Alexandrov K.Sidorov. 1995
From photo archives of Chelyabinsk Region Picture Gallery

The founder of the museum and its first director was Leonid Petrovich Klevensky (1894-1977), a journalist, an art critic, who in 1938 headed travelling exhibition "the South Ural in painting" came from the exhibition The "Ural-Kuzbass in painting". Klevensky thought over the concept of museum for long years. His ideas were not forgot despite all the difficulties the country and museum have had, but are being kept on developing.

Leonid Klevensky


Leonid Klevensky (1894-1977) --
the founder and the first ditector

Was born in Ryl'sk of Kursk province. By origin he was of noble family. Studied on faculty of law of the St.Petersburg University. Took part in civic war of 1918-1920. The main representative of newspaper "Pravda" on the Russian North, the Far East, in Sibiria and Kazakhstan. TASS representative in Chelyabinsk from 1934. The first art critic and a member of Chelyabinsk organization of Unity of soviet artists (from 1936). Author of review of works by Chelyabinsk artists, a man of museum.

After the beginning of the Great Patriotic war in 1941, the 25th of June Chelyabinsk Picture Gallery was closed and opened again in 1952 in the building in which it is placed nowadays. G.N.Lapin (1895-1970) became director and main keeper of the museum. G.I.Panteleyeva , an oldest research worker of the museum, was the main keeper of the museum from 1970 to 1991.

Meeting with Ural artists. Galina Panteleeva is speaking. 1981 Boris Smirnov-Rusetsky and Galina Trifonova. 1991 Music salon. 1988
From photo archives of Chelyabinsk Region Picture Gallery

The building of the Picture Gallery presents a wonderful monument of architecture of regional modern. It was built on the design of architect A.A.Fyodorov in 1912-1913 as a Trade House of brothers Yakushev in the former main street of the city Sibirskaya The exposition area of the museum is about 600 sk. meters.