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It was natural that in the collection there emerged the works of the Ural artists of the 20th century, living in Ural cities: Perm, Ufa, Yekaterinburg, Kurgan, Orenburg. The art of Chelyabinsk is the most fully presented in the exposition. Here we can find founders of the local union of artists -- N.A.Rusakov, I.L.Vandishev, A.M.Sosnovskiy, O.P.Perovskaya, T.V.Rudenko-Tzhelkan, V.N.Chelintseva, P.G.Yudakov, A.P.Saburov, artists of the middle generation of 1950-70-s - M.I.Tkachyov, L.N.Golovnitsky, V.A.Neyasov, S.B.Kachalsky, N.F.Surin, V.V.Bubnov, A.O.Grigiryan, A.M.Smirnov, A.P.Sulenev, artists of younger generation - N.D.Anikin, V.V.Kachalov, P.P.Khodayev, Z.Latfulin, V.Yakivets, V.Chernilevsky, A.Danilov, B.Chernishov and others.

Russian classical painting of 18th - the beginning of 20th centuries is in the permanent exposition of the museum. Among them there are real masterpieces: the self-portrait of D.G.Levitsky, works of Zh.L.Monier, O.Kiprensky, D.Dow, V.Tropinin, A.Venetsianov, A.Orlovsky, K.Brullov, I.Ayvozovsky, V.Polenov, S.Zhukovsky, Vladimir and Alexandr Makovski, Alexandra Makovskaya, P.Petrovich, L.Turzhansky, N.Feshin, A.Rodchenko, Z.Serebryakova, A.Shevchenko, V.Pestel, N.Rusakov and others. The foundation of the collection consists of works, given in 1940 by the State Russian museum and further items from private collections and other museums, others were bought by the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation and the USSR.

One of the most interesting among West Europe painting is the collection of Holland and Flamand painting of 16th - 19th centuries, compiled by the State History museum and the Pushkin State museum of Art. The most early items in this collection are the so called "Florence portraits", appeared in Chelyabinsk on the eve of the opening of the Gallery and giving a start to the foreign collection, many items of which are waiting for definitions.