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In a complex modern social and economical life Chelyabinsk Regional Picture Gallery pays the most attention to main directions of expanding collection: first of all the art of the Ural of the 20th century including modern art is the reflection of the main directions in the art of Chelyabinsk. Special attention is paid on studying and collecting monuments of people's art in the region that is multinational in its structure. The museum mission is to reflect in this geographic area viewable historical period of development of plastic arts and fix in the memory the stages of spiritual life of the society.

At the same time the Picture Gallery always confirms the unique character of its collection and as far as it can it adds new collections and enrich the old ones, create new collections (theatre decorative art, children art. They started a new collection of architectural projects of building up in Chelyabinsk).

Sergei Shabalin is relating. 1995 the 50th anniversary of the gallery Photograph for memory. May 15, 1981
From photo archives of Chelyabinsk Region Picture Gallery

In 1977-78 on the basis of collections of Kopeysk and Kusinsk art casting, Zlatoust carving on steel there was created a branch of the Picture Gallery that lately became the museum of Decorative-Applied Art of the Ural.

The Gallery has been restoring the monuments of tempera and oil painting since 50th.

Research work of the Picture Gallery is the basis of collecting, displaying, and publishing. The collection of the Picture Gallery has been always studied. As a result for the last 15 years there have been published catalogues of some collections, works of the oldest artists of Chelyabinsk.

A seminar in the gallery

Galina Trifonova holds a seninar with students of the Chelyabinsk State University which study for art critic.

There have been displayed personal exhibitions. Besides there have been organized big analytical exhibitions devoted to some collections and some periods of art development, there were held research conferences on important problems and published conference reports. The research records have been always added and processed. The Picture Gallery has joined the system of computerizing museum funds of Russia. There is a scientific library in the Picture Gallery.